The Otherworld

The Otherworld--the realm of Faeire--has a symbiotic relationship with ours, even those a vast majority of mortals have no idea that the Fae are real and the Otherworld exists.  The creative nature of mortals, of those from our realm, is fed by aether--magic leaking from the Otherworld into ours.  The very magic that composes the Otherworld feeds on the blood of mortal girls.  There are probably many other reasons why the two worlds need each other, but many, many things have been lost or hidden over time. 

The Otherworld is ruled by the High Queen--and only a queen.  She always possesses very a very special set of abilities.  Queen Tiana is the current queen.  Her court is the high court and she resides in the high palace.  Her rule is law, unless the Bright Lady or the magic itself objects. 

The High Court unites the four main courts of the Otherworld:
  • Air Court
  • Earth Court
  • Fire Court
  • Water Court
Every court has an opposite.  In this case Earth and Fire are not only opposites, but bitter enemies. 

The High Court's opposite is the Dark Court, a court of rogues, misfits, and ne'er do wells, well, at least according to Queen Tiana. 

The Otherworld is literally made from magic, and that magic, also sometimes called "the land" is sentient.  She, and the magic is a she, thinks, feels, hungers, and sometimes voices an opinion. 

The Bright Lady is the goddess of the Otherworld.  Together the Bright Lady, the High Queen, and the magic compose a beautifully terrible triumvirate of power.