The Characters

Meet the cast of INNOCENT DARKNESS:

Magnolia "Noli"Baddock

Sixteen year-old Noli’s a bit of a hoyden. She prefers fixing cars to going to balls and wants to save her family by going to the university and being a botanist, not by marrying well.  Her father, an engineer, disappeared six years ago.  Since then, her brother Jeff has left to become an aeronaut, leaving her and mother on their own.  Their status in polite society plummeted after her mother went to work and opened a dress shop making dresses for the ladies who once were their social equals.  Noli doesn't care what society thinks--or about their rules, which sometimes lands her in trouble, especially with the Los Angeles Air Patrol.

Steven "V" Darrow

Steven, or V as Noli calls him, is literally the boy next door. He’s Noli’s partner in crime, and like the Victorian gentleman he is, usually tries to take the fall when they get into too much trouble. He likes philosophy and history, writes poetry, and knows all sorts of things Noli often deems "fanciful" or "useless."  Steven collects pens.  As the oldest in his family, he often feels like a disappointment in his father’s eyes.

Kevighn Silver

Kevighn likes opium and joy-girls, seedy taverns, and shooting things with his bow and arrow. He’s stolen zeppelins, flown airships, and seduced more girls then he can remember. He throws himself into his work as huntsman for the High Queen of the Otherworld–and all his other activities–to dull the pain he feels from his sister’s death. Sometimes he's also called "Kevighn Sliver-Tongue" -- but who knows if it's for his kisses...or his lies. (Psst, his name is pronounced "Kevin.")

James Darrow

James, V’s younger brother, is the less serious, fun-loving one. (He’s also the better swordsman and won’t let anyone forget it.) He eschews all things mushy, but then, he’s never been in love. Even though he teases V, he’s very loyal and would do anything for his brother and family.  When V and Noli go off adventuring, he's not often far behind. 

Charlotte Wilson

Fifteen year-old Charlotte is a feisty redhead who loves to make things and is downright dangerous with a deck of cards. She refuses to be broken, and won’t “play the game” just to get something and would rather stay at Findlay House then go back to live with her horrid uncle. She wants her life to mean something.