Here are a few terms used in INNOCENT DARKNESS:

Aeronaut: Someone who works on an airship

Aether: According to ancient and medieval science aether is the material that fills the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere, in INNOCENT DARKNESS it's really magic leaking into the mortal realm from the Otherworld 

Aethergraph: Method of long distance, written communication 

Air Patrol: Police force that patrols the skies and streets from the air

Air Pirate: Aeronauts who engage in illegal enterprise

Airship: Type of conveyance that flies through the air, transporting both goods and people, usually propelled by steam-engines and held aloft by hydrogen or helium

Dollymop: Part-time or amateur prostitute, though Noli uses the term colloquially to mean something more along the lines of "ho" or "skank"

Fallen Gentry: Someone from a high-class family who suddenly experiences a loss of money or status

Hestin-Dervish Pixy: A model of flying car that has since stopped production due to safety issues. Known for their giant bug-eyed headlights and bat-like wings

Hoverboard: Skateboard-sized, solar-powered conveyance that flies through the air, can be very fast

Hovercop: Police officer that patrols both the ground and the skies on a hoverboard

Hoyden: A tomboy

Motorcab: A steam-powered auto for hire 

Penny Dreadful:  A trashy novel 

Rake: That guy your mother warned you about

The Season: A time for balls and parties, usually where young women are launched into society in hopes of finding a husband